Chairperson's Message

The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence. At Rajdeep Global Institute of Management, it is our endeavour to educate global citizens and empower them with advanced managerial skills and enthusiastic spirits that transform the working environment of every organisation.

Moulding impressionable minds and guiding them on the right paths through carefully devised modules of learning is a challenging and responsible job. A job that cannot be taken up without utmost dedication and passion. We, as educators and managers of this task mean to devotedly strive and work through our sincere efforts to bear fruit in the success of our students.

Rajdeep Global Institute of Management will provide students an opportunity to learn in a spirit of inquiry and integrity. To truly learn, it is necessary to holistically understand. This is where we distinguish ourselves from the conventional practices in many business schools where knowledge is transferred without learning the practical applications of the devised concepts.

To be industry ready, with grace in the minds and ease in the body is only possible when the student has gone through rigorous training in stimulated atmospheres of the top corporates in the world. We have incorporated advanced learning methods in our curriculum along with modern equipment in our laboratories which together aid to simplify the otherwise complex theoretical concepts of management studies.

Rajdeep Global Institute of Management has a sophisticated ambience which is a perfect blend of tranquility and modernity that is designed to become a part of the learning process. With scenic grounds and lawns, the natural atmosphere of our campus de-clutters the senses and refreshes the spirits, acting as a catalyst in the education of our students.

The excellent facilities are a perfect backdrop for developing the student’s extra-curricular skills and personality. Art, craft, elocution, drama, sports and fests- all form a healthy link to their basic education, thereby contributing to their all-round development.

Our faculty is highly trained and adept in the Business methodologies, and will serve as mentors and a guiding light to our students both inside and outside the classroom. Faculty training is an ongoing exercise at RGIM to ensure that our faculty keeps abreast of the latest developments in international education.

RGIM ensures the all-round development of students so that they are able to spearhead the challenges of the world confidently and successfully transform the business atmosphere of every organisation.

Welcome to Rajdeep Global Institute of Management.

Chairman- Dr Rajdeep Kapoor

MBBS, MS(Gen.Surgery), Consultant General and laproscopic surgeon.